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Northport, Maine, United States

Wrights Cove Farm

 LAND  /  SEA   /   LEARN

We are a small farm located in Northport Maine with a focus on sustainable growing, cultivating native species and stewardship of the land. Our mission extends beyond our soil and into the sea through our small aquaculture farm. Our goals include  mindfully growing oysters and organic produce as well as education about and exploration of the farm, forest and ocean. We hope to share the nature that surrounds the farm with friends and family.

Our intention is for  Wrights Cove Farm to be a place where everyone feels welcome, at peace, encouraged to explore, and excited to create lasting memories. 

  • We landed in this place because of its raw natural beauty and energy. 

  • We intend to preserve, create and maintain the natural habitat, its simplicity, and its diversity.

  • We strive to have a net positive impact on the land and ocean.

  • We are excited to connect with old and new friends, to re-establish our family roots in Maine and to build new traditions.

  • We hope this unique farm will not only grow food but grow opportunities to serve and to share with our family, friends and community.

  • “The joy is in the journey”

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